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Bon Jovi rockin' again on 'The Circle' 25 December 2009
The Charleston Gazette review

Source: The Charleston Gazette

And now, let us rejoice - Bon Jovi is back! May "The Circle" remain unbroken!

OK, we all know that the band never really went anywhere (well, aside from that little excursion into country-flavored rock with 2007's "Lost Highway"). But the band, circa '09, finds itself rejuvenated to the rock-and-roll cause, spewing forth huge anthems, chunky guitar melodies and meaty hooks and choruses with "The Circle."

Truth be told, "Highway" was not far removed from the familiar Americana groove that Jon and the boys have been forging since "Slippery When Wet," back in '86. It seems natural then that "The Circle" should fit comfortably into the band's impressive and successful catalog.

This time around, though, there seems to be a bit more motivation for Jon as a lyricist. "Lyrically, I think it touches on who and what we are as a country right now," he said, commenting on the album's themes.


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