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Bon Jovi BOK Center 18 April 2010
Tulsa Today article

Source: Tulsa Today

Well, it took them 20 years to get back to Tulsa, but Bon Jovi finally made it back in grand fashion. The near sell-out show was set up to be a great one, but for this reviewer it left me a little flat.

At the risk of sounding like I am about to rip them let me do some side-barring. I saw Bon Jovi back in it's hey day 1986. (Yes I am dating myself, but hey I was 6 years old) Anyway, I may have had that time stuck in my head and built this show up more than I should have, but I will do what I can to get my point across.

First, let me start with opener Dashboard Confessional. They are a solid band, but the sound was a little lame and it took away from what they could have done. I left and headed to the concourse, suddenly in that change of location it sounded pretty good. Not much to say about these melodic magicians except they did good covers of U2's "Pride (In The Name of Love)" and Bryan Adams "Summer of 69." Other than that I could have just showed for Bon Jovi and been fine.
Now back to my 1986 retrospective. Upon seeing the stage my immediate thought was, "Wow, this is tiny!" Back when, it was a huge stage and allowed for lots of theatrics and stage presence.

Now let me be up front and say I am a Bon Jovi fan, not necessarily a crazed loony, but a fan. Earlier in the day I was listening to my iPhone on shuffle I literally kept saying, "Oh yeah! That was a great song!" It is easy to forget just how many good songs that The Jersey Syndicate has had over the 25 plus years they have been around. Listening to the albums I was getting pretty pumped about the show.


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