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Review: Florida rain no match for Bon Jovi thunder 19 April 2010
The Examiner review

Source: The Examiner

JoviNation, I have a confession to make: I woke this morning hoarse, sore, and exhausted. Drained and disoriented after being body-slammed by rock n’ roll. Yes my brothers and sisters, I fell victim to JoviGasms. Lots of them.

But it wasn’t my fault, and I was not alone…

The sky outside the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida turned angry purple, swollen with a cold rain that fell from the heavens like a rock n’ roll baptism. On this night, 19,000 worshipers of the Bon Jovi Nation would not be denied as they skipped, staggered and just plain sprinted through the parking lot, drenched to the bone, refusing to miss a single note.

Neither rain, nor wind, nor snow, nor dark of night---perhaps not even a volcanic eruption---would prevent Bon Jovi from rocking every fan in sight, and rearranging the arenas’ foundation in the process.

Thousands of people, all in the throes of one ceaseless JoviGasm that swept across the crowd like ocean waves, peaking and falling, soaring and gliding; bringing you to the brink until you begged to be taken over the edge.

The very moment the house lights went out and the giant rectangular screen suspended above Bon Jovi’s stage appeared, the crowd’s buzz morphed into a deafening roar as an electric circle appeared, growing larger, to reveal the band slowly walking through it, first in profile, then as a group, approaching the stage from some Rock God Heaven on High. Sounds of crackling electricity and reassuring words flashed across the screen and then…

All hell broke loose, because Bon Jovi’s The Only Rule.

The screen lifted from the stage like a space ship depositing explorers on the surface of a distant planet, and amid a wave of screaming adoration and shimmering light, they were there; he was there, clad in black jeans and a black leather mini-conductor jacket shirt, launching into “Blood On Blood”. There was no need for Jon Bon Jovi to even sing, the crowd did the honors for him.


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