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Bon Jovi tour rolls on with sellouts; CD sales slow 3 July 2010
The Examiner article

Source: The Examiner

Listen up, fellow Bon Jovi fans: I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Our ‘boys’, our band, our reason for the season and our cause celebs---The Hardest Working Band In Rock-N-Roll---need our undivided attention and assistance.

If you are wondering where this is going, get hold of a copy of USA Today, or go to the web site and take a look at record sales for 'The Circle’ and the Bon Jovi catalog in general.

Rare it is indeed when a rock band goes out on a tour as large as this one, and record sales don’t go UP. So, the fact of the matter is, we in JoviNation need to treat them as good as they treat us!

Keep in mind this discussion isn’t pimp-slapping fellow fans who have supported the band and bought ‘The Circle’. It’s merely pointing out an immense contradiction: a band that’s been around for well neigh thirty years, is touring everything but the solar system, and that’s been pulling classic songs out of their treasure chest every night like a magician with a rabbit coming out of his hat should have MORE record sales of their current release to date than they do for all of their effort.

In short, if some of us claim to love the band but don’t support them by buying the CD’s, we in JoviNation who do need you to step up and get into the ring.


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