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Bon Jovi to play 5 shows in Australia; skips Adelaide, breaks hearts 17 July 2010
The Examiner article

Source: The Examiner

When Bon Jovi’s sold-out The Circle tour eases into Australia from New Zealand this coming December, all hearts down under won’t be breaking even, as the song goes.

The reason?

The passionate and loving JoviNation contingent in Adelaide has been left off the tour itinerary, making it fifteen years since they’ve been able to experience an electrifying Bon Jovi show.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all good things come to those who wait; yet pining hearts are breaking in Adelaide because the band---booked through Australia’s Dainty Consolidated Entertainment---will play a total of five shows, but none in Adelaide.

With the band playing Wednesday, December 8th at the Subiaco Oval in Perth; Saturday, December 11th at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne; Tuesday, December 14th at SunCorp Stadium in Brisbane; and two shows in Sydney on Friday, December 17 and Saturday, December, 18 at the Sydney Football Stadium, Adelaide feels like a gal that’s good enough to date, but not quite special enough to marry.

Though surely unintentional, the rejection hurts, especially considering the last time Bon Jovi played in their town was 1995 at the Adelaide Finale Grand Prix.

Like many in JoviNation around the world, the fine folks of Adelaide certainly aren’t beyond flying to Melbourne to see the band; after all, it would only cost a couple hundred bucks.

However, loading the offside into the car with the kids in the boot in search of bushranger speed traps whilst riding to Sydney, Brisbane or Perth is a significant holiday for the average Aussie, since these sojourns can take between two and three days. Hardly like driving from Miami to Atlanta to catch a show and then boogie on home.


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