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New Bon Jovi single, 'What Do You Got' disappoints 29 August 2010
The Examiner article

Source: The Examiner

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora know a little something about song-writing, which is why the Songwriters Hall of Fame inducted the prolific duo in 2009. And, as any rabid fan of the global JoviNation will attest, the boys still bring it in concert better than any boy band hopped up on Red Bull.

Let’s face it, these are huge reasons why the little-hair-band-that-could has lasted all these years.

Bon Jovi is a band that sets their own bar incredibly high, which is why fans have been eagerly awaiting the first of four new singles from their upcoming Ultimate Greatest Hits release, “What Do You Got”.

Expertly taunted and teased on Facebook and Twitter prior to the ‘unveiling’ on Bon, anyone who was a little let down by the bands seeming veer into Adult Friendly Rock (‘Lost Highway’) got ready to break out the well-worn leathers and butt-kicker boots in anticipation.

‘What Do You Got’ artistically is as slick, smooth and musically competent as fans expect of Bon Jovi. Jon’s voice is crisp and clear, up in front in the mix; and Richie Sambora’s guitar work is neat, clean, and growing more minimal by the minute.


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