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Jon Bon Jovi Interview at ThemeStream 9 November 2000
"Bon Jovi: Better Than Ever!"

Source: Rex Rutkoski, Themestream Contributor

Fall is quickly disappearing before Jon Bon Jovi's eyes as he looks out across the river behind his New Jersey home.

"That tree's almost bare," he remarks, apologizing for breaking from his musical conversation to notice Mother Nature.

No problem. It seems always to be a new season for the musician-actor and his band, Bon Jovi.

Matters of life and career seem to have intersected at a good place for the musicians. The heavy lifting and dues paying seem to be behind them. In one sense, the pressure is off.

"We are here to enjoy it mentally and physically. It's really great. We're not a burned out band. We're playing better than we ever were," says Bon Jovi, 38.

They're also enjoying the newfound success of a generation of people going back into the group's album catalogue to check out what has come before.

"They hear 'It's My Life' (from the band's new multi-platinum 'Crush' album) and they are asking, 'Who are you and where did you come from'? Parents can tell their teen-agers 'I dig Bon Jovi too.' The teens getting into rock'n'roll are finding we've had 10 albums, much like a new generation is re-discovering Santana or Aerosmith."

It's a fortunate position in which to be in, Bon Jovi says. He believes the band can continue as long as it wants to. "We're beyond the point of breaking up because we are not relying on it. We've grown up together and we have other outlets. Nobody can get frustrated. If we get tired of touring, we pull the plug and I go do a movie, Richie (Sambora; guitarist) does a solo album; Tico (Torres; drummer) has his art."


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