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Bon Jovi thrills cheering fans at Bell Centre 19 February 2011
Montreal Gazette article

Source: Montreal Gazette

There has to be a new, concert-related repetitive-stress injury around the corner. One that involves pumping your fist in the air hundreds of times in a short time period. And when they get around to calling it something, they might as well name it after Bon Jovi.

In the first of two sold-out shows at the Bell Centre last night, Jon Bon Jovi and his New Jersey arena-rockers had 21,000 fists -double that number for some songs -pushing upward along with the insistent 4/4 beats and anthemic hooks.

"It's" (pump) "my" (pump) "life" (pump) was the makeshift choreography, with an arena full of ecstatic fans taking the song's care-diem message to heart.

It made complete sense, because the crowd at a Bon Jovi show deserves, at the very least, equal billing with the headliners.

The group's music has, for almost three decades, not really been about musical challenge. You could always hear one of those big Bon Jovi choruses coming from several blocks away. What it has always done is provide a springboard for big, communal moments.

It's true, simple, heartland rock, ever more so since the group decided to mix a little country in with Richie Sambora's industrial-strength string bending.


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