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The review: Jon Bon Jovi 8 July 2011 article


"This ain't no television show," says Jon Bon Jovi, he of the marching band jacket-wearing variety. "Get out of your seats!" he exclaims. Jeez Jon, no need to shout -- we're up, we're up. But then that's what you're good at, I suppose -- shouting and that. Excuse me? A bit harsh, you say? Well, you could hardly call it singing now, Jon.

Oh, foolish little man and his leather-clad buddies. It takes a lot more than so-called anthems to make a good stadium rock show. It requires power. Presence. Urgency. Not just a fist in the air and a wiggle of the arse. Indeed, the Bon Jovi live experience can be summed up quite quickly: band shows up, band plays songs, everyone cheers, band goes home. Along the way, there's some clapping and whooping and everything you'd expect from a typical American rock outfit (it's the Irish women that keep them coming back, apparently). But it's so contrived; so irritating; so completely forgettable.


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