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Bon Jovi "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey 22 December 2011
The Examiner article

Source: The Examiner

“Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” was written on the piece of paper held by Bon Jovi on December 19th after rumors of his untimely death, which began on Twitter, quickly flooded the social media outlets. I first the postings on Facebook as my “friends” shared their sadness at the “news” of his death. However; right away something about the postings didn’t seem right to me. My first thought was, “why didn’t I hear about this on the news?” and my first instinct was to Google search for more information. What I found was information about the hoax and that Bon Jovi was indeed alive and well at his home in New Jersey.

So why did so many not do the same before posting their condolences?

Social media has infiltrated our lives in ways in which we could never have dreamed of 5 to 10 years ago. Whether you are 1 or 101 you have most likely seen or heard of Twitter, Facebook and the like. These mediums are useful tools to connect with friends, family and business professionals, or to “follow” your favorite movie star or public figure. However, except for actual news outlets utilizing this venue, it is most likely not the place to get your news.


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