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Jon Bon Jovi charts on the Billboard Power 100 List 26 February 2012
The Examiner article

Source: The Examiner

Late comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s famous shtick line was, “I don’t get no respect”. He’d say it eyes bulging, drink in hand, tie undone and with more twitches than a crack addict on the short side of a score. They say there is truth in humor, and for Dangerfield, it was a pointed message about how he knew others viewed his act. Jon Bon Jovi might very well say the same: despite millions of records sold and thousands of sold-out shows, the band just can’t seem to get no respect, except that just changed with the release of the Billboard Power 100 List.

That’s right folks, Jon Bon Jovi made Billboard's annual list of the most powerful people in the entire music industry this year, and that is saying one helluva lot.

Consider that on the entire list there are only six---count em’ six----performing acts and the rest are music industry mogul types like Irving Azoff, the chief executive of Live Nation, who topped the list at Number One.

According to Billboard, the list is U.S. based and takes into consideration a variety of factors, like “…market share, exclusive Billboard chart/data boxscore information, and revenue”.


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