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Classic rockers Bon Jovi bring energy and optimism with them on tour 8 March 2013
Ottawa Citizen article

Source: Ottawa Citizen

Leave it to Bon Jovi to rock out on a snow day. As you probably heard, the American band had to reschedule the opening night of their Because We Can world tour due to the snowstorm-induced mandatory travel ban in the state of Connecticut last Saturday.

No doubt you also heard the musicians performed anyway, mounting a free, two-hour concert for the hundreds of fans and employees already at the venue. An official make-up date is already on the calendar, too.

It was a memorable kickoff for a tour that will plow through Canada this week, stopping in Montreal Feb. 13-14, Toronto Feb. 17-18 and Ottawa on Feb. 20, before circumnavigating the rest of the world.

The album they’re promoting, What About Now, doesn’t come out until next month. Produced by John Shanks, Bon Jovi’s 12th studio effort is expected to be an energetic rock album with an underlying social conscience.

In a teleconference phone interview with the members of the band (but not their heartthrob of a frontman, Jon Bon Jovi), before the tour started, guitarist Richie Sambora, drummer Tico Torres and keyboardist David Bryan discussed the new album and why touring is so important. Here’s an edited transcript of the interview.

What inspired the new album?

Sambora: What was happening in the world kind of pushed this record out. Guys like us, we travel around the world. Our last tour was about 52 countries and the different economic situations that were happening all over the world, and how people were, more importantly, reacting to them personally. We started feeling those undercurrents all the way back then.

In our particular fashion, just having a very optimistic outlook in the songs is always very important. Even a song like the first single, Because We Can is a song of inclusion and also if you can help somebody, you should try to do it because you can. We were feeling how people were feeling about the things that were happening in the world.


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