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Bon Jovi leads packed house through classics 8 March 2013
Buffalo News article

Source: Buffalo News

or those people who, like me, are not intensely loyal fans of Bon Jovi (and judging by its tour receipts, there aren’t too many of us), the band’s continued success, 25 years past its heyday, can seem like a bit of a mystery.

But on Sunday night in First Niagara Center, as the group led a seemingly full house through a triumphant, hours-long set of hair-metal classics, monster ballads, fist-pumping anthems, and a lot of new material that sounded like all of those things, the reason for its evergreen dominance became clear. This band was built to last from the beginning, to be a perpetual pop machine that churns out one huge chorus after the next, each one possessing a concept vague enough to appeal to the maximum number of consumers – um, I mean listeners – without just simply saying, “We love love!”

Don’t believe me? The answer is right in front of you, just like in “The Usual Suspects.” In the ’80s, when these guys were on top of the world, they told us, “We’re halfway there.” In the ’90s, when grunge had temporarily dethroned them, they urged, “Keep the faith.” In the ’00s, when they stormed back onto the charts, they boasted, “It’s now or never.” And this year, with their legacy intact, their lead singer invited to appear with Bruce Springsteen at major fundraising events, they will release an album smugly titled “What About Now.”


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