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Bon Jovi going strong, three decades on 14 July 2013
Chicago Sun-Times article

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Jon Bon Jovi and his eponymous band scored their first hit, “Runaway,” 30 years ago. Now, shortly before his umpteeth visit to Chicago, where he’ll once again perform at Soldier Field, the New Jersey-born rocker called from a tour stop in Manchester, England, to talk about music, running, the status of his daughter Stephanie Rose (she overdosed on heroin last November and was subsequently arrested) and more. Bon Jovi’s new album, “What About Now?,” was released in March.

Question: Where’s the farthest-flung place you’ve played?

Jon Bon Jovi: I’ve gone so far away from home that I’m already on my way back. As far as one can go. From Africa to New Zealand. The furthest northeastern ports of Canada out in St. John. I think the only place that I’ve not been, that I can think of, is Israel. I just haven’t had the chance.

Q.How does traveling affect your workout regimen?

JBJ: Hotel gyms. Or you’re out on the street — if you’re lucky enough to get a run outside. And I’ve run plenty. I’ve run many a mile in a lot of exotic locales, from the wilds of South Africa to the streets of Tokyo, and all over Australia to Manhattan. I’ve run Lake Michigan so many miles, so many times — summer, winter. You go from the hotel down to the waterfront and just go.


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