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BJ Article in "Live Daily" 7 December 2000
"Crush gives Bon Jovi a second generation of fans"


LOS ANGELES, Calif.--As Bon Jovi waited for "Crush" to reach record stores, neither the veteran band nor its label knew how fans would react to the new album. "One thing that was rather strange for us when this record came out … the record company didn't know if we'd crossed the fence and we were going to be a vintage band, or if we were going to remain contemporary with the kids," said frontman Jon Bon Jovi.

"Fortunately for us, since 'It's My Life' was such a hit, we've got the kids and their parents. We've been around for a long time and it's pretty great to see our success has crossed over generations."

Speaking backstage at the My VH-1 Music Awards, Bon Jovi said the fact that each band member keeps busy with projects apart from the group has helped them to sustain a career that's now well into its second decade. "I think that the great thing this band has is the outlets we have. Richie [guitarist Sambora] makes solo records, Tico [drummer Torres] does his art work, I make movies, David's [bassist Bryan] writing a play…."


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