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"The Thank You Book" 8 March 2001
A fan initiative...

Source: Lauri Richards (Canada) -

From Lauri Richards ( />
I am putting together a book of thank you's for all
the hard work the staff at backstagejbj do for us fans. These people work so hard to get us fan club seating at concerts, keep us updated on what Jon and the boys are doing, give us opportunities to win tickets for things like Storytellers and put together fan club trips so fans can meet and share what we all love the most - Bon Jovi.

I am asking people to send me emails with their thanks. I will be taking all of these emails and putting them together in a book for the staff.

I plan to present the book to them on the upcoming fan club trip in New Jersey. I will be doing a couple of copies for the staff and will also be giving one to Mrs. B. I ask that everyone have their emails to me by July 9. Please sign them off with your name and the country or state (US) where you live so they know where all the messages came from. If you have pictures you wish to email, please send them in jpeg format. I will include everything I get in the book. The more creative the better.

Thank you to all those who participate.

Lauri Richards (Canada) -

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