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"Mr. Voice of Music - A Live Tribute to Richie Sambora" 15 April 2001
Drycounty's interview with Franckie

"Mr. Voice of Music - A Live Tribute to Richie Sambora" will be recorded by Franckie, an extremely talented musician from Norway. It will contain Franckie's version of songs from both Stranger In This Town and Undiscovered Soul, as well as the title track of the album "Mr. Voice of Music", which is an original song about Richie himself.'s interview with Franckie was conducted by Dawn Grobb (, JoviTalk moderator:


DRYCOUNTY: Tell us about yourself (age, etc.)

FRANCKIE: I'm 27, turning 28 soon. [Laughs] But look not a day over 19... [Laughs]

DRYCOUNTY: When did you decide that you wanted to do this tribute album?

FRANCKIE: Not long after Richie released Undiscovered Soul, but I wanted to wait until after he had at least 2 albums out. When he releases more, and if this one goes well and The Boss is happy with this first one, I will do Vol 2, 3, etc... [Laughs]... I decided to do this album a long time ago.

DRYCOUNTY: How long have you been a Richie/Bon Jovi fan?

FRANCKIE: Since 1984.

DRYCOUNTY: When will your album be relesed?

FRANCKIE: I'm in the middle of planning it right now. I'm sure you will know really soon.

DRYCOUNTY: What songs are going to be on the album?

FRANCKIE: It's going to be mostly covers of Richie and Bon Jovi with some special tracks as well. 98% is decided, but some more songs will be added since I'm going for a double CD on this one. There are 2 songs that I have written and composed about me and Richie... a story about him and what he has done for you and people like me.

DRYCOUNTY: What will be the name of your album?

FRANCKIE: Mr. Voice of Music (after one of the songs I have written for the album) A Live Tribute to Richie Sambora.

Franckie and Richie
DRYCOUNTY: What is your favorite Richie Solo?

FRANCKIE: Too tough that one. All the songs are so different on the albums. None of them are better than the others in my point of view. They are all amazing!!!

DRYCOUNTY: What is your favorite Bon Jovi song?

FRANCKIE: Oh too hard [Laughs]... I have a finger on Blood on Blood.

DRYCOUNTY: Do you plan on making more albums after this one?

FRANCKIE: Yes, I will release my new album of my own songs called SoulTalker in July. It kicks, it melts you, it makes you think... it's going to be a cool album.

DRYCOUNTY: Where is your album going to be released?

FRANCKIE: Hopefully everywhere!!!

DRYCOUNTY: How do you compare yourself to Richie?

FRANCKIE: I can't... [Laughs] The only way is in the songwriting. I feel we are a lot alike in the way we think what songs and music we should show the buyers. I will always be a shadow of the Bosses, (BJ and Richie) but I'm flattered and blessed to be in that shadow...

DRYCOUNTY: Do you plan on making a trip to the USA soon?

FRANCKIE: I'm not planning anything right now. But I hope to soon, yes... sometime in the summer hopefully.

DRYCOUNTY: Have you ever written your own songs?

FRANCKIE: Oh yes... come on over and take a look in my box with 200 written songs here... [Laughs]... It's about 200, I haven't counted yet... I have the wine and you can count!

DRYCOUNTY: Who is signing the record deal for you?

FRANCKIE: Two indie labels will distribute and promote the album... no contracts signed other than that.

DRYCOUNTY: What other artists are you into besides Richie/Bon Jovi?

FRANCKIE: Pink Floyd, Bruce S, Chris Whitley, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, U2, to name a a few. But also I love to listen to Vangelis.

DRYCOUNTY: Will you or do you have your own web site?

FRANCKIE: I have an official one, but it's not finished yet -- only a temporary one. Where are the webmasters that work for free? If you know of some bring 'em over! [Laughs] I hope it will be done soon --

DRYCOUNTY: What age did you start playing the guitar?

FRANCKIE: I started to practise seriously at the age of 6 and half... I was 7 when I could play a whole tune, Albatross by Fleetwood Mac.

DRYCOUNTY: What kind of sales do you expect from this album?

FRANCKIE: Haven't thought of that to be honest. I just hope it helps Richie, to have him more known by people out there, 'cause he needs it big time. And all of the sales go strictly to cancer research for children.

DRYCOUNTY: How long has this album/idea been in place?

FRANCKIE: The serious planning of it started a couple of weeks before I met Richie at the Nobel Peace concert. Wow that was amazing.

DRYCOUNTY: Will you do a tour?

FRANCKIE: I hope to soon... if I'm rejected for opening for Bon Jovi with my own songs, I will start to plan a tour which I hope could start this autumn...

DRYCOUNTY: Thank you for your time and best wishes to you and your future in the music business!

FRANCKIE: Thanks a lot. All my blessings and best of love to you Bon Jovi fans, you're the greatest. And hopefully I'll see you somewhere on the road... Peace! Franckie


Thanks to Melissa Holmes (Assistant to Franckie) for making this interview possible!

Visit Franckie at /> For further information email: />
Franckie is trying to open for Bon Jovi at their European shows this summer, and there is a support page set up at where you can see what others have said about his music. You can also download several mp3s of Franckie's music from this page, both of his original songs and a live cover of "Roadhouse Blues".

Vote for Franckie!

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