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"Bon Jovis Piano Man Shines On Lunar Eclipse" 17 April 2001
David Bryan article at


Bon Jovi's Piano Man, David Bryan Shines On 'Lunar Eclipse'

(4/13/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- David Bryan is best known for his day job as keyboard player and a songwriter for Bon Jovi, but the New Jersey native has been moonlighting lately as a solo artist. In the years that Bon Jovi was off the road, Bryan recorded his first Moon Junction Music/Rounder Records solo album titled Lunar Eclipse. The album was written and recorded entirely by Bryan in his home studio, and produced with the help of Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel).

The album was recorded live, with each song on the album recorded from beginning to end in one take, which meant that if Bryan messed up he had to start recording the song from the beginning again. The musician tells LAUNCH that there is definitely a downside to trying to record a live album at home: "The only time I got messed up a couple times, you know, I'd get done with a take and I'd hear (knock, knock, knock, knock), and I'd be, like, 'What is that noise?' And it's the UPS guy and the front door, and I'd be, like, 'No! You just killed my take!'"

The primarily instrumental piano album is quite a departure from the rock-and-roll sounds of Bon Jovi. After touring the world and selling more than 90 million albums with the New Jersey rockers, Bryan says he was ready for a change of pace: "It's good to get off the big machine and go explore different ways, because there are certain roles that you have to play when you're in a band. And then when you do a solo project, it's not for, 'It has to sell a zillion records. I have to be big. There's all this history.' It's expression of artistic freedom."


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