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"Bon Jovi's big break" 1 May 2001
Another Denver pre-show article...

Source: Rocky Mountain News

Jon Bon Jovi would like to apologize for the interruption.
Then again, he wouldn't do anything differently.

When fans get to see his band, Bon Jovi, at the Pepsi Center on Monday night, it'll be part of its first full-fledged tour in years. The band's latest album, last year's Crush, was five years in the making. He did a solo album, Destination Anywhere, in the meantime; other band members worked on solo projects. And his movie career has taken off.

Were it not for those side trips, Bon Jovi warns, the band might have fallen apart, or worse.

"When we learned to take the time to do other things, to have other outlets, that was the greatest gift we could have given each other," he says. When they were younger, "nobody could have told us this, (because) we were reliant on the band. It's all you have. It's your mistress, it's your sports team, your house. And you're eventually going to have animosity toward it, because it's all you know. From '83 to '90 we lived out of suitcases. No one had a wife, a house, a career.

"And that will kill you. And it's killed other people. Ask Keith Moon and Janis and Kurt Cobain, or the guys who just burned out -- the Guns N' Roses scenario. What we've realized, at first by accident, was that it was necessary to do other things. Find something else to make you love this again."

And it worked, he says.

"Now when I go on the road, it's a vacation. Now it's a glorious 50 shows," he says.

Fans don't seem to mind; the Pepsi Center show is nearly sold out, and Crush's big single, It's My Life, has been as enthusiastically embraced as earlier anthems such as Wanted: Dead or Alive.

"Our music has now reached another generation. We've been around long enough to earn those stripes," Bon Jovi says. "It's My Life became a theme not only for guys my age but for kids."

Crush was five years in the making, and the only explanation Bon Jovi can offer is that he writes each album from where he is at that point in his life. Crush's precursor, 1995's These Days, "was rather a dark album," he says. "We shouldn't have been in a dark mood."


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