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Dotmusic Review ONE WILD NIGHT: LIVE 1985-2001 20 May 2001
"Robust, big-chested light rock, not threatening at all and often hilarious"

Source: Dotmusic

There's an international team of scientists funded by nations across the globe who have been trying to discover why Bon Jovi have taken around 20 years to deliver a live album. It really is unfathomable, the biggest stadium rock band in the world, who are still shifting mega units and selling out enormodomes and large land masses across the globe, have until now not released the standard issue live album. If anyone should have done surely it's them.

The fact that they've chosen to lie to us all now that it's here is another mystery as this isn't one wild night at all. It is in fact a collection of live favourites taken from several wild nights spanning their entire career, including a version of 'I Don't Like Mondays' with former Boomtown Rat Sir Bob Geldof guesting.

Well, now that it's with us the pondering should cease once and for all as now we can all relive these Several Wild Nights with 'ver Jovi again and again to our hearts' content. It's time, quite frankly, to just slip it on and get right on with it. However if you are really seeking to get the true Bon Jovi live experience here are a few tips to help accentuate the pleasure that this album will bring:

1) Dig out your favourite denim jacket and faded Skid Row 1989 tour shirt. Slip them on and ruffle your hair.

2) Invite round numerous like-minded souls (enough to fill your living room to bursting point). Ask them to complete step 1 and get themselves over for around 8.30pm, as there is a strict curfew of 10.30pm, encores permitting.

3) Purchase several cans of cheap lager and an inordinate number of plastic glasses. Shake up said cans (froth is all-important), decant and leave to stand on a warm window-sill for many hours. Remember it is best served flat and warm.


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