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Cardiff Concert Article 18 June 2001
"Bon Jovi Rock the Stadium"


Support act Matchbox Twenty's lack of success in the UK says more about the state of the musical climate in this country than about the quality of their material.

In America, Australia and just about everywhere except the UK they are huge.

So they were always going to be up against it playing to a largely apathetic crowd, most of whom only know singer Rob Thomas as the bloke out of the Santana video.

However, they acquitted themselves admirably even if at times they sounded uncomfortably similar to Counting Crows.

This left me thinking that if they just had that one killer song then the UK might yet succumb to their charms.

And so to the main act.

Whatever you think of Bon Jovi - the man or the band - calling this tour One Wild Night must surely be an attempt at irony.

It's been a long time since a Bon Jovi show has been anything other than a well-oiled machine where any concept as radical as spontaneity is left at the door.

What you get for your money is pretty much what you'd expect.

Bad Medicine, You Give Love a Bad Name and Blaze of Glory are all run through to varying degrees of hysteria from the crowd.

There is the customary dry ice and an enormous stage set; this time a huge replica of the Empire State Building (next time it'll probably be the moon!).


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