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Bon Jovi: The Big Dance 3 July 2001
BJ Interview at

Source: MTV

In case you didn't know, Bon Jovi are back in a big way. To prove it, they've just sold out two massive shows at New Jersey's Giants Stadium. As the summer leg of their world tour comes to an end, guitarist Richie Sambora and keyboardist David Bryan talked to Jon Wiederhorn about their new live album One Wild Night, the next Bon Jovi record, and writing songs for the Crush generation.

MTV: Do you view the two nights [July 27-28] at Giants Stadium as a sort of homecoming?

David Bryan: It don't get better than that. It's your hometown. That's the stadium, that's the big dance. That, to me, is the Super Bowl.

Richie Sambora: Yeah, definitely. If somebody were to tell us a year ago that we're going to play Giants Stadium for two nights ... that's pretty big stuff. We're very, very proud of how this record has gone over. It seems like there's a whole new legion of young fans that think Crush is our first album. [Laughs]

MTV: You've been working on some new material?

Sambora: Jon [Bon Jovi] was doing a movie, and I did some solo work. I started working on some new Bon Jovi songs that I'll present to him. He'll chime in and do his stuff. And I have a song called "Take Me On" coming on a movie soundtrack called On the Line. I was going to put out a solo record, but then we did this live album and ... I don't think we want to lose the momentum of what we have going as a band. I think we're just going to go in and do another band record. Jon and I have more to say as writers. That's why we do records, 'cause we have something to talk about. We'll start writing in September and hopefully get one out within a year. [RealAudio]

MTV: Does the solo and movie stuff ever conflict with the momentum of Bon Jovi? Or do you intentionally schedule it so that you can have your cake and eat it, too?

Sambora: No, you can't schedule movies. When he gets one, we quit for a bit and I do solo stuff. That's the great thing about our band. Everybody supports each other when they do solo projects. For some bands it's poison, but for us it seems to be the lifeblood. We do it because we enjoy it, and I think that that's why we're still around.

MTV: A lot of bands crank out a live record after putting out two studio albums. It took you considerably longer.
Sambora: We've been lucky to be creative enough not to have to put one out. Our fans have been asking us to put one out for a really long time. We actually were fighting with the record company about whether we could've made it a triple live album. But we wanted to keep the price down for the fans. It's a great snapshot, because all our new fans can pick up this live record and listen to the old music.

Bryan: We would've liked to probably put out a 17-CD set. But I think it's a really good snapshot of the band from 1984 until now. We've recorded ourselves all around the world since '84. There are tracks like "Runaway" and "In and Out of Love" from '84 in Japan. You can hear the hunger of the band that was the young Bon Jovi.


Read the rest of the interview (there is lots more than what you see above) MTV web site by following the link below.

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