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Chicago Show Review 15 July 2001
"Spontaneous moment bares Bon Jovi blemish"

Source: Chicago Tribune

In the middle of "Bed of Roses," while Jon Bon Jovi slow-danced with a beautiful young woman from the audience, a terrible catastrophe happened: The woman squeezed him where the spotlights don't shine.

Bon Jovi handled it well enough, prying off her hand and flashing an embarrassed grin. But the damage had been done. It was a spontaneous moment. The New Jersey rocker wouldn't make that mistake again.

Later in Friday night's two-hour Tweeter Center show in Tinley Park, when the singer-movie star picked up a bra tossed to the stage and wrapped it around his head, the gesture seemed rehearsed. "We gotta have some fun while we're up here, right?" he shouted, as if he'd delivered that line once or twice before.

His music had the same pre-programmed feeling. Since John Bongiovi first climbed from sweeping floors at a New York recording studio to making solo records in the early '80s, he has churned out a staggering number of rock hits. His band of hunky men with big hair--especially guitarist Richie Sambora, who dated Cher and married Heather Locklear--were the 'NSync of the '80s, only with rock guitars and rebel attitude.

Bon Jovi, whose lion's mane of sandy brown hair, big white teeth and tightly wrapped body parts endure fairly well at age 39, continues to get by almost exclusively on looks.

Although he borrows singing mannerisms from his New Jersey acquaintance Bruce Springsteen and energy from bands like T. Rex and the Sweet, his main touchstones are late-1970s middle-of-the-road hitmakers REO Speedwagon and Foreigner. But unlike them, he learned the art of rock marketing with the full visual package.


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