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Innocence Lost 19 July 2001
BJ-influenced band promo

Source: Michael from Innocence Lost (

"Innocence Lost" was formed in 2000 by two Ex-members of a Metal band called, "Denied Existence". Lead singer, and one of the principle songwriters, Michael Gallipoli, was heavily influenced by "Bon Jovi", and had been working on his own songs for a numbers of years. "I remember the first Rock record I got, was a birthday present from my father it was "Slippery when wet", and man!, I put that album on, and my life just changed forever, I knew that playing music was all I ever wanted to do.., I mean the songs just made you want to cry,or laugh, or go out and accomplish all your dreams right there on the spot.

To me "Bon Jovi"'s music is like magic, whenever you're feelin down, and out just put on a Bon Jovi album, and it lifts you up, it gives you strength to stand up, and say "You know what, I can do that, I can dream any dream I want, and make it a reality"

Their music is timeless, and that's what I wanted to write, songs that can stand the test of time, and hopefully that's what i have done, and will continue to do, and to someday share the stage with Jon, and the boys, that's a whole nother dream in itself.

So Thank you to Peter at for taking the time to put this up, and of course to "Bon Jovi", for showing me a whole nother side to life(or perhaps for showing me that all dreams can come true, just never give up on them).....

And of course to check out the band, and I go to, and check out our new single!!!, "Us against the world", We would love to hear from you telling us what you think...

Thanks so much,
Innocence Lost

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