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"One Wild Night at Hersheypark" 10 August 2001
Hershey, PA concert press review with LOTS of photos

Source: MODE Weekly;

“I can not be held responsible for what I’m about to do!” claimed a fully animated and always larger than life Jon Bon Jovi from the stage at Hersheypark Stadium on Sunday July 22. For one wild night, when Bon Jovi’s One Wild Night tour came to town, Hersheypark Stadium was turned into a frenzied congregation in the church of rock n’ roll.

Something has happened to Bon Jovi in the new millennium. Rather than go the way of 80’s nostalgia acts, Bon Jovi has become an institution of American music, as established an act as The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith. And like their new-found peers of classic rock, Bon Jovi’s canon of hit songs has become so large, and so much a part of modern consciousness, that the band can play a two hour show spanning their entire career, pack it full of the most-requested, and still have to leave out crowd favorites. What to do in that situation? Realize that you’re there to put on a thoroughly entertaining rock show, and proceed as planned. Guaranteed fan pleasers such as “Raise Your Hands” and “Born To Be My Baby” were chosen over chart toppers like “Living In Sin” and “Runaway.”


For the rest of the review and almost 100 great photos from the show visit MODE Weekly web site by following the link below...

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