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Lance Larson: THE LOST ASBURY TAPES 15 October 2001
A review of album containing 2 songs featuring Bon Jovi members

Source: Review written by Fredrik Stralberg (

Lance Larson – to make a long story short

Lance Larson wrote several songs that ended up on a little album called ”The Lost Asbury Tapes” and the songs on it was recorded in the late 80’s, even though the sound of it is very similar to the music that you could hear at the Asbury Park in New Jersey in the beginning of the 80’s.
What now makes this particular cd a little special is that two of the songs features members of our all time favourite band, Bon Jovi.

The first song on the album ”Running Wild Child” (written by Lance Larson, Jim Reardon and Michael) you can hear Richie playing the lead guitar. It’s a typical pop/rock song you could hear a lot of in the early 80’s, and it has a more softer sound than Bon Jovi have on their own albums.
The other song that featured the whole band is ”Listen To Your Heartbeat” (written by Lance Larson). Here you have Jon on additional lead vocals, Richie on lead guitar, David on keyboards and Tico on drums. Alec did not play on this song however, so bass guitar was played by Ed Igluski.
This song is very similar and reflective to the songs Jon wrote during his Power Station Years from 1980 to 1983, and probably just that’s why the boys had such an interest to record these two songs together with Lance. Maybe it musically remembered Jon a lot of when he started out himself. The songs with Bon Jovi were recorded at Garry Tallents Shorefire Studios in Long Branch, New Jersey 1988.

However, how this album found its way out in the world is a magnificient story just alone. Jersey rockers like Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny hade made it big while Lance Larson remained more in the shades, and certainly didn’t get the promotion recordings like these should have!
It wasn’t until 1999 that someone met up with Lance to persuade him to dig up all these old recordings and put them on an album, an album to be called ”The Lost Asbury Tapes”.

Part from the songs Jon and the guys collaborated on there are some really good stuff on there.

For instance the more pop-influenced ”Trust In The Band Of Gold”, but probably the ballad ”Saints And Sinners” which has almost a little country felling is one of most moving pieces on this album. Other famous artists that collaborated on this album are Buddy Cage (Grateful Dead) Gary Tallent from the E Street band, and others.

If you have ever wanted to hear music that touch you, and also once again experience a mix of pop/rock from the good old 80’s then this is the way to go.

Reviwed by Fredrik Stralberg ( /> staff reviewer

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