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Today's Events In the U.S. 11 September 2001
Without words

I'm sure all of you are at loss for words right now. Hard to believe we are witnessing these events. No more World Trade Center (one of most fascinating places I've even been to!), Lower Manhattan in turmoil, Pentagon attacked,... without words.

Although I'm not American I would like to express my anger regarding this horrifying terrorist act and offer my offer my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of the attacks and to the American people.

We all know Bon Jovi members and their families and friends are often in and around New York City - let's hope they are all ok physically... It is understandable they are not so well psychical condition. They are definitely deeply shocked like the rest of us. The same wish also goes to all BJ fans, visitors and JoviTalk users and their families and people they love...

Let us all keep the faith...


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