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News Update from 21 November 2001
My VH-1 Awards plus... BJTV is back

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The MY VH-1 AWARDS are less than two weeks away so you need to make sure you visit the website and VOTE for BON JOVI in all three categories they're nominated in: MY FAVORITE GROUP HOTTEST LIVE SHOW COOLEST FAN WEBSITE

** Thanks to BON JOVI fans on the internet, it has come to our attention that there have been some" irregularities" in the VH-1 voting. Please be aware that it has been addressed and is now being handled by the proper authorities. Bon Jovi only endorses fair & open voting. So please continue to vote for the band and spread the word - your vote WILL count.

So BON JOVI are heading back into the recording studio to begin work on the next band album... last time, fans were able to watch the making of CRUSH via web cameras set up in the studio and linked to this site.

They were on the minute the guys went into the studio in the morning until the minute the left (the footage was replayed overnight for fans in different time zones around the globe to view.) It was an overwhelming success - lots of you tuned in to watch the guys work (although sometimes, the footage wasn't the most enthralling and your internet bills skyrocketed.)

YES! BON JOVI TV is returning for the making of the new BON JOVI album, but this year it will be different. For the first demo session, instead of full-time access with web cams in the studio, we'll have an EPISODE from the studio (much like the "Reports from The Road" this summer while the guys were on tour.) In fact, OBIE is going to be the host. He's taking his videocamera to work with him and capturing the footage from the first batch of demo sessions. Once they're edited, we'll get them up here on for you all to watch... we're going quality over quantity of footage from the studio. Plus, fans all over the world can watch them whenever they want.

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