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BJ Article in Asbury Park Press 14 June 2000
Bon Jovi stays alive

Source: DCBJML

By all rights, Bon Jovi should be nowheresville by now, buried so deep in the cut-out bins that even true connoisseurs of camp wouldn't bother to dig 'em out.

After all, the combination of arena rock and teenybopper pop was a dubious concoction from the start. The girls who squealed over those long locks are all grown up. And it's pretty tough to keep going as a youth-oriented rocker as you edge toward 40 and the stores are full of techno-hip-hop and harmonizing teens.

But Bon Jovi -- the man, the band, the phenomenon -- will not rest, will not be put to rest and will not be ignored.

Bon Jovi's latest album finds the Jersey-based musicians surviving quite nicely in the new century and pretty darned proud of themselves for it.


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