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Introducing... Jovitalk 2 Message Board 29 July 2002
Current message board will be shut down soon


As a first major change at in this brand new 2002/2003 Bon Jovi season, current JoviTalk message board will be replaced by a new one.

Current board was good for some time, but the board software has several bugs and did not have some of the features modern boards require.

The new one, JoviTalk 2, is using phpBB2 software, which is one of better out there. Features you need to be aware of are:

  • registration: you will need to register your nickname/username to post to most of the forums. In most of the cases you will need to do only once, and then use auto-login feature. I decided to force registration to protect your nicknames (only one person will use one nickname, so no confusion over 2 people using the same nickname) and to keep spammers off the board as such people usually don't take the time to register. BTW, be sure to register the nickname you've been using on current board ASAP before someone else does!
  • polls: registered users can create their own polls and other registered users can vote!
  • ranks and avatars: you probably know this from other boards (you get a higher rank by posting more posts and you can include an image with your profile - avatar). These features are currently not fully working but will be added soon!
  • profiles: I added some extra features to original software so profiles include gender and birthdays!
  • private messaging: you can send private messages to other board users so that only they will see them. This should put an end to 1-1 coversations between people that are of no interest to other JoviTalk users.
  • who is online feature: now you can see how many people are actually using JoviTalk at certain time (+- 5 min).
  • memberslist: info about registered users, you might find some new jovi-friends using this!
  • and of course all the usual features such as search engine;
  • and more ;)

Also, JoviTalk 2 has multiple forums. But not too many. Basically we separated the main forum - General BJ Discussion - from solo careers forum and since there will be a tour next year, this also has a special forum.

JoviTalk 2 is here to be a community of BJ fans. Therefore, the board has 3 community forums: one for introductions, one for discussing NON-BJ topics and the last one is.... a shelter for BSWJBJ fans when their forum is down ;)

There is also a forum for testing and another one for comments regarding the site and JoviTalk.


Current JoviTalk will be fully operational at least by 1 August 2002, possibly a bit longer, depending on how fast fans migrate to the new one. Please start using the new one soon...

After that, posting to old JoviTalk will be disabled, but you will still be able to view old posts and use the search engine.

It is still undecided what will happen to the old board then, but it will either be taken offline for or remain as some sort of an archive.


Follow the link below to go to new JoviTalk and start posting ;) And if something is not working, let me know!


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