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Bon Jovi: CENSORED AND CRUSHED! 22 June 2000

Source: Bon Jovi Fan

Many rock music fans have wondered why despite releasing amazing albums their favorite artists have flopped in the charts. Now there is concrete proof that Viacom, the company that owns VH1, MTV, and the MTVi group, is trying to prevent Bon Jovi's efforts in promoting their latest album CRUSH from succeeding.

VH1 aired commercials and posted on the Rock Across America web site ( that "For the month of June, VH1 wants YOU to pick the videos! Vote in our online polls and tune in to see the results starting June 19. VOTE NOW and keep coming back for more chances to program VH1!"

Bon Jovi's fans voted "It's My Life" to the number 1 spot on the online countdown with 31% of the votes, however, when the Rock Across America countdown aired today (6/20/00), VH1 completely censored "It's My Life" out of the countdown! Not only was the new Bon Jovi single not played at number one, it was not played or mentioned at all!

Furthermore, the new Bon Jovi single has been treated as if it does not exist at all by MTV. And, one of the most popular music news web sited on the internet - also a part of Viacom's MTVi group, - gave a most repulsive review of CRUSH entitled "Wanted: Awake or Alive". The author of the review, Parke Puterbaugh, clearly makes no efforts to objectively evaluate the music on CRUSH. Instead Mr. Puterbaugh tries to dissuade readers from buying CRUSH by calling Jon Bon Jovi a "scarecrow." And when he does criticize the music on CRUSH, he does so by twisting its lyrics to make Bon Jovi look bad. He pokes fun at Bon Jovi for singing "Thank you for lovin' me/ For ME AND my eyes/ When I couldn't see," but there is nothing funny about the real lyrics of the song, which are: "Thank you for lovin' me/ For BEING my eyes/ When I couldn't see." This unprofessional conduct is disgusting. The lies may not alter the opinion of Bon Jovi fans, but they could do plenty of damage to the band by causing other music lovers who are considering to buy the album to turn away.

All of the above is just a small part of the evidence that Viacom through the use of its nationwide monopoly on music television channels in the United States, as well as through its control of most popular music web sites on the Internet, has censored and thus prevented bands such as Bon Jovi from continuing their earlier successes. While VH1 may fool rock fans by showing them Behind The Music episodes, VH1 knows very well that it is music videos that sell records by winning new audiences. Therefore, all Bon Jovi fans should stand up against Viacom's VH1 and MTV, and let them know that they will not buy their lies anymore and that they do want to see the new Bon Jovi video. BECAUSE WE WILL NEVER LET BON JOVI BE CRUSHED!

Rock Across America's email address is: />
The web site for MTV's Total Request Live is: />
VH1's email address is: />
Tell them what you think and then cut paste this article all over the Internet on rock-oriented chat boards and web sites to reach as many rock fans as possible!


Disclaimer: Dry County Bon Jovi fans site is not directly involved in anything written above, the site is only trying to ensure BJ related news stories (from other media or thise objectively written by fans) are available to fans around the world.

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