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Bon Jovi International TV Concert 11 September 2002
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On Friday, August 23, BON JOVI filmed a CONCERT at New York City's GRAND BALLROOM at the Manhattan Center. It was filmed for several countries. Information is filtering in as to when and where the show will be seen but here is the most up-to-date information we can provide you as of today. The CONCERT will be aired in the following countries: GERMANY, UK, ITALY, INDONESIA, TAIWAN, AUSTRALIA and CANADA. In GERMANY, it will be shown on MTV and ZDF. While we're awaiting details on when ZDF will air it, we can tell you that MTV in GERMANY will air the concert on SEPTEMBER 20th. In the UK, the concert will be aired on CHANNEL 4 on SEPTEMBER 21st. In ITALY, MTV will air the concert on SEPTEMBER 16th. As for Canada, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan, as soon as the specifics are given as to what networks and what dates the special will air, we will post it. Make sure to CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS for exact times in your part of the world. And ENJOY!

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