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"CENSORED AND CRUSHED" Discussion 29 June 2000
Different fan opinion - read it

Source: Bon Jovi Fan

Here is a fan opinion different to the one originally posted as "Bon Jovi: CENSORED AND CRUSHED!" article posted to Also, this is the last post regarding this matter as DC news story. Any other publicity and airplay matters should be addresses to Operation Bon Jovi ( who are campaining for more BJ airplay in USA.


This is a response to a letter written by a Bon Jovi fan stating that VH1 and MTV are lying. I do not work for either company. I am however a Bon Jovi fan. I have loved Jon and the boys for years and I want to clarify something that seems to be confusing a lot of the fans and keeping many from voting for the band and the video.

When you go to to vote for Bon Jovi on their top ten request list, you are not voting for them to be number one on every single countdown VH-1 does. They are currently running the Rock Across America countdowns, all of which are different. Today, for instance was best dance video and Ricky Martin was number one and Bon Jovi was no where to be found. This is because it was a specific countdown. If you go to the site right now and click on Rock Across America, you will see 2 separate places you can click to vote. One says Best Love Song, the other Pick Your Faves. If you choose Pick Your Faves you will be able to vote for Bon Jovi. This is the “NETREQUEST” countdown that is aired on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday of this week when VH-1 aired the countdown for NETREQUEST, Bon Jovi was aired as #1 along with the host saying that they won with 53% of the vote.

There are different countdowns and I think this is causing the confusion and anger among the fans. However, it is also causing something much worse. No one is voting! We, as Bon Jovi fans, seem to have collectively decided that there is no reason to vote because it won’t matter anyway. This attitude will do nothing but allow the album to continue to drop in sales, MTV to continue to ignore Bon Jovi, and for the #1 spot they now hold on VH-1’s Netrequest to be given to another band with fans that will vote. WE ALL HAVE TO HELP!!!

Instead of sitting around and complaining that Bon Jovi isn’t getting enough airplay and blaming the stations and record companies, we need to take a good long look at ourselves. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP BON JOVI? If you were them where would you start your tour? In a country where your albums are consistently #1 and your fans show you their love and support or here in America where your albums are largely ignored and all your fans do is complain that no matter what you do it isn’t enough?

I LOVE BON JOVI. They have been a part of my life for years and I won’t sit by and watch them fall. They need us. We owe them.
Stand up and be heard. It’s our music, these are our boys, our family and friends. I know that - “..I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd. Gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud…”

Call your local radio stations OVER AND OVER
Vote for BON JOVI at ttp:// OVER AND OVER

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