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Bon Jovi Avoids Comparisons Between 'Bounce' & Springsteen's 'Rising' 4 October 2002
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"Everyday," the first single from the new Bon Jovi album, Bounce, is one of several on the set that was inspired by the events of September 11. That makes Bon Jovi the second New Jersey rocker to release an album with that focus, following good friend and neighbor Bruce Springsteen's The Rising.

But Jon Bon Jovi tells LAUNCH it's really just a coincidence that the two musicians, whose neighborhoods were both deeply impacted by the tragedy, would write about it. "You know, he's not the only one that lives there, but I didn't know what he's writing, (and) he certainly doesn't know what I'm writing. He was safe and sound under the roof of his house with his kids and wife, too."

Bon Jovi also points out that the two albums are very different in nature, with Bounce treating the subject a little more generally than Springsteen does on The Rising. "That's gonna be very specific. I wonder how that record'll play in the test of time, and I don't mean any slight against the governor of New Jersey (Springsteen), mind you, but I wonder how that (The Rising) will play in the test of time."

Bounce comes out Tuesday (October 8). Bon Jovi plans to kick off a lengthy world tour in December in Australia, which will then move on to Japan before starting in North America in January.

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