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"B-minus Jovi" 6 October 2002
Bounce review from People Magazine


During their big-haired heyday in the '80s, they gave perms a bad name. But Bon Jovi has proven to be one of the most enduring rock acts from the Spandex Decade, its members still cranking out their not-too-heavy metal in their 40s (the youngest of the quartet, frontman Jon Bon Jovi, hit the big 4-0 in March). Their solid but unspectacular eighth studio album sounds a lot like the other seven: full of driving, arena-ready rockers and lighter-waving power ballads that still display a youthful exuberance and rebellious spirit. On the first single, "Everyday," with its grinding guitars and rumbling bass, Bon Jovi defiantly wails, "I ain't here to play/ Gonna live my life every day." Later, on the upbeat title tune, he brashly vows that "nothing's gonna keep me down." Not even the events of Sept. 11, which inspired New Jersey natives Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora to write the fist-pumping if formulaic "Undivided."


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