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NY Post "Bounce" Review 8 October 2002
With the release of "Bounce," Bon Jovi - the band and the man - stand a chance of getting the respect they've been denied.

Source: NY Post


"Bounce," the band's eighth studio album, draws on a pop/metal formula that allows musical latitude from bombastic arena rock on one track to an introspective confessional on the next.

Of the hyper-drive rockers, "Undivided" is the album's tower of power.

Lyrically, the song is inspired by the World Trade Center attacks. Unlike many songs derived from that tragic day, this song tries to make sense of it all by looking at how it created a feeling of community in America.

Guitarist Richie Sambora and drummer Tico Torres are terrific throughout the disc, but on "Undivided," they hit their stride.

On "Misunderstood" - the best of the album's acoustic ballads - Bon Jovi tries to explain that guys aren't trying to be mean to women - we're just too dumb to do the right thing.

It's required listening for any couple fighting over the small stuff.

The album isn't perfect. The final song, a lovers' lullaby, is so sweet 'n' syrupy that one listen will send you into sugar shock.

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