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Fans Say: "Best scream... I'll Be There For You" 29 December 2002
Dry County Poll results...


Last week's drycounty's poll question was:

"What is Jon's best screech/scream at the middle/end of a song?"

1. scream at the end (I'll Be There For You) 33%
2. baaaaaaby... scream at the end (In These Arms) 22%
3. yaaaa I'm wrong... (This Ain't a Love Song) 13%
4. scream at the end (Livin' In Sin) 9%
5. on a bed of nails... (Bed of Roses) 8%
6. I'm all about lovin' you... (All About Lovin' You) 5%
7. scream after guitar solo (Homebound Train) 4%
7. I've been to school... (Lay Your Hands On Me) 4%
9. never say goodbye... at end (Never Say Goodbye) 2%

Total votes: 671

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