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"I've seen a million faces, then I rocked them all" 5 January 2003
Dry County Poll results...


Last week's drycounty's poll question was:

"What's the best line from a Bon Jovi song?"

1. I've seen a million faces, then I rocked them all (Wanted Dead Or Alive) - 23%

2. I've got nothing to prove, for its you that I'd die to defend (Bed of Roses) - 18%

3. You live for the fight, when that's all that you got (Livin' On A Prayer) - 16%

4. I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd, they're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud (It's My Life) - 12%

5. Remember when we lost the keys, and you lost more than that in my backseat baby (Never Say Goodbye) - 9%

5. It's hard to hold on when there's noone to lean on (Keep the Faith) - 9%

7. I was born to live you know I wasn't born to die, but if they party down in heaven I'll be sure to be on time (I'll Sleep When I'm Dead) - 8%

8. When you get drunk I'll be the wine (I'll Be There For You) - 5%

Total votes: 677

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