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MTV Cautious With Wartime Content 25 March 2003
BJ video also off-limit

Source: MSNBC


MTV is doing its part during wartime. The music network is nixing violent videos, such as ones with images of war and explosion, a spokeswoman told The Scoop.

“WE’RE SCREENING VIDEOS with an eye towards current events to make sure whatever we play is sensitive and appropriate,” says the rep, who adds that the bikini-babe-laden Spring Break weekend coverage was moved from last weekend, to, tentatively, this coming weekend.

MTV Europe has gone a step further, however, and issued a list of videos that should not be played during the conflict in Iraq.

Among the banned videos are System of a Down’s “Boom!” — an anti-war video directed by Michael Moore.

Other off-limits videos include Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (MTV’s rationale: “contains footage from the film “Armageddon”), U2’s “Miss Sarajevo” (“contains missiles, guns and buildings being blown up”), Bon Jovi’s “This Ain’t a Love Song” (“contains war scenes and victims in distress”) and Radiohead’s “Lucky” (“contains war footage including injured children”).

“Furthermore,” notes the memo from MTV Europe exec Mark Sunderland, “videos with words such as ‘bomb,’ ‘missile,’ ‘war’ or other sensitive words in the artist or song title should not be shown at the moment.”

When called for comment, Sunderland directed The Scoop to an MTV Europe spokeswoman, who said: “In common with other broadcasters, I think we should be responsive to audience sensitivities in this time of war.”

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