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An Amazing Show From the Goos, Bon Jovi 2 April 2003
Buffalo News concert review...

Source: Buffalo News

Simply amazing. Those are the two words that come as close as I can get to describing Thursday's Bon Jovi and Goo Goo Dolls concert at HSBC Arena. The fans came hoping for a show like no other, and, needless to say, they got what they wanted.
Although they were technically the "opening act," our hometown boys, the Goo Goo Dolls, proved that they were definitely more that to Buffalo - as Jon Bon Jovi put it later in the evening, "supposedly the best thing out of Buffalo since chicken wings and Jim Kelly." Beginning with, "Dizzy" from "Dizzy Up the Girl," the guys gave off an incredible vibe that they were just so happy to be there. Drummer Mike Malinin, guitarist Johnny Rzeznik, and, of course, bassist Robby Takac put on one of their best shows; the set included some of their older hits and many songs off their newest album, "Gutterflower," as well.

Introducing their latest single, "Sympathy," Rzeznik told the crowd, "Maybe some day you'll get to hear this on the radio here." (A note to the guys: we already can!) Robby sang two of his songs, "Tucked Away" and "Smash" during the 10-song set. One of the highlights of the Dolls' performance was in the stories John told. During one particular moment before the band played, "Broadway," a song about a neighborhood in Buffalo, he recalled to the audience a conversation in which, "I was talking to this woman the other day, and she said I didn't (care) about my hometown anymore, and that's cr-- because I have always been so proud I'm from here. People from Buffalo know about hard work, and that's what makes this place great!"

The Goos ended with their hit, "Iris" from the 1998 movie "City of Angels" and had the whole audience singing along. Then they surprised their hometown more with an encore, performing a cover of the Tom Petty song, "American Girl," ending a stellar show. Now all we have to do is hope for a summer tour!

I will admit that I only know a few Bon Jovi songs, but the awesome show they put on left me, as well as the rest of the audience packed into the HSBC Arena, basically speechless. The New Jersey band, consisting of David Bryan on keyboards, Tico Torres on the drums, guitarist Richie Sambora, and singer Jon Bon Jovi, opened with, "Bounce," the title track of their new album, and the band's energy never ceased until the end of the show. After introducing himself as, "the other Jon" (as opposed to John Rzeznik), Jon Bon Jovi promised the crowd a workout like no other - and he delivered.


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