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Bon Jovi Makes Splash At Soggy Gillette Show 27 July 2003
Boston Globe article

Source: Boston Globe

Luck almost held out, but then the rains came and came hard during Bon Jovi's nearly three-hour show Tuesday at Gillette Stadium. During the downpour, lightning hit a water main outside the stadium, with ensuing flooding that caused some fans to evacuate their seats and resulted in six inches of water backstage.

fun night? If you're a Bon Jovi fan, the answer would still probably be yes.

The fans were drenched, but spirits were not dampened. ''Why, after 20 years, do you guys still like this band?'' lead singer Jon Bon Jovi asked, seemingly puzzled himself. But the crowd's roar told him everything he needed to know, as the roughly 75 percent female audience (out of 47,000 fans) screamed as though it were a Justin Timberlake concert.

This was mainstream rock at its best or worst, depending on how you look at it. The band offered broad-brush guitar hooks and one anthemic chorus after another, tied together by Jon's still-apparent sexual charisma, as when he kissed one female fan onstage and her knees nearly buckled. And when he finally took off his shirt at the end, the swooning must have been evident miles away.

Yet, while some songs started to sound alike, and the show was split between a very hot first half and a sometimes momentum-draining second half, there was no question that these Jersey rockers worked hard for their money. Many of the hits came too early (''You Give Love a Bad Name,'' ''Livin' on a Prayer,'' and ''Wanted Dead or Alive'' were reeled off in the first half), but the band also treated the crowd to party-hearty covers of ''Fever'' (the first time the group has played that song in 10 years, keyboardist David Bryan said afterward) and ''Shout.'' Newer songs such as ''Bounce'' and ''Everyday'' struck home, as did encores of ''Raise Your Hands'' and ''Bad Medicine'' that had the crowd forgetting all about the rain. And the hero worship was complete when a soaked Jon said, ''The most valuable player on our team, and the reason we win the Super Bowl every year, is you!''


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