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Swingin' In the Rain 9 August 2003
New York Post reports from Giants Stadium

Source: New York Post

August 9, 2003 -- 'SLIPPERY When Wet," the title of Bon Jovi's best- known, most loved album, also described the band at the first of its two-night, sold-out gigs at Giants Stadium.
In the hammering rain that got harder as the 21/2-hour, open-air affair played out Thursday night, band leader Jon Bon Jovi, best known for his hooks 'n' looks, added heart to that winning combination.

While this kind of total, unrelenting dousing might have thrown a wet blanket onto most outdoors entertainments, Bon Jovi had the smarts to embrace the wash right along with his fans.

He didn't even try to stay dry beneath the Plexiglas stage hut. Instead, he slid, splashed and frolicked like a kid.

The energy of adversity was transferred to the stands, the upper decks and on the field. All over the stadium, wet T-shirts, glistening skin and loud-fast rock 'n' roll lent the gig a crazy, sexy kind of hedonism.

And Jon Bon Jovi definitely dug it.

When the rain was falling hardest, he got a goofy, mischievous grin on his kisser and told the crowd, "Now I know what it's like to take a shower with 60,000 people."

His famously fluffy hair was matted to his noggin, his shirt was plastered to his chest and he had to wipe the rain from his eyes, but the guy was obviously enjoying the rub-a-dub-dub rock outing.

Even if Bon Jovi hadn't play the kicking concert he did, the event had a built-in power that carried it over the top.

It was as if he and his guitar-ace sidekick, Richie Sambora, instinctively knew that if they played as hard as the rain fell, everyone would go home smiling.

It worked.


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