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Bon Jovi To Film DVD 14 October 2003
Atlantic City, November



BON JOVI are going to bring to life the unbelievable versions of their greatest hits as presented on their upcoming new album, THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT. And, they're going to capture magic on camera for a future DVD release (early 2004.) The once (OK, twice) in a lifetime performances will take place at THE BORGATA in ATLANTIC CITY on Friday and Saturday, NOVEMBER 14 & 15. At this time, there is NO DETAILED INFORMATION on any other aspects of the shoot. There is no information to share on ticketing AT ALL just yet.

As information is ready to be shared, it will be. Until that time, please be patient - we kindly ask that you DO NOT attempt to contact the venue or ticketing agencies in search of information. There are a lot of people trying to make this very special event happen. While we understand your excitement and curiosity, we respectfully ask that you honor this request and hold off until the BAND and their staff finalize the details you want so badly to know and are ready to share those details with you. We are
providing this information to ensure that the news you get here is timely and accurate and not in dribs and drabs from outside sources. But we are also asking you to be respectful and honor the band's request to relax and
wait for more information to be posted.

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