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WANTED: Die Hard Bon Jovi Fans 8 August 2000
For a Bon Jovi episode of VH1's "Fan Club"

Source: VH1 Mailing

Hello from the folks at VH1. We are working on a show entitled "Fan Club". It is a documentary style show which takes a closer look at the relationships between artists and their fans.

We are working on the Bon Jovi episode and are seeking die hard fans to tell their unique stories to our VH1 audience. Please know that you will NOT meet the band. The show is meant to document YOUR life and to show the ways in which the band has influenced it. We will want to spend 1 or 2 days with you, shooting your work place and you in your home. We will need permission and access to these places. If this will be a problem, you need not respond. If you are a HUGE Bon Jovi fan and would like to be part of the show, contact us with the answers to the following ?????????'s.

Who are you (Name)?
How old are you (Age)?
Where do you live (City, State)?
What is life like for you there?
What is your family life like?
Who is in your family (Names and ages)?
What do you do (Occupation, Student, etc.)? Please give specifics - where?
what you do?, etc.
Why are you a Bon Jovi fan?
What sets you apart from other Bon Jovi fans?
Have you ever met them?
How many shows have you been to?
What sort of memorabilia do you have?
Is there a certain Bon Jovi song that holds a special meaning for you?
Has something the band's done or songs they've sung helped you through a difficult time or influenced your life in some way?
Does your admiration for the band influence your day to day life? How so?
Why should you be featured on our show as one of the Bon Jovi biggest fans?

Please e-mail your responses to: />
Note: Please know that the Yahoo account is legitimate. If every fan responded to our VH1 mail address, the system would crash.

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