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Bon Jovi for Grammy 5 February 2004
After knocking out huge hits for 20 years, sexy rocker Jon Bon Jovi has his eye on a Grammy once again...



His latest single, "Misunderstood," is up for gold on Sunday, making this his sixth nomination in three years. But that is not all that Bon Jovi is looking forward to—his wife is expecting their fourth child.

But you'll need a scorecard to keep track of Bon Jovi's other new ventures. The star recently became the proud new owner of an arena football team in Philadelphia. He says, "The focus this year is on football and movies. As a football fanatic, it appeals to me."

And Bon Jovi is not just writing hit music. He reveals he just sold a movie screenplay about upwardly mobile couples and their sex lives, which he hopes to star in later this year.

Bon Jovi says, "It's a good gig. I was once on a little private plane with President Clinton. And the man who had flown both of us to this event that we went to said, ‘Who has the cooler gig?’ And I said, ‘Me, I get to keep the house.’"

See Bon Jovi at the Grammys Sunday on CBS.

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