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TLFR DVD Review 4 March 2004


In a time when rockbands and symfonic orchestras team up more and more often, Bon Jovi decided to release an oldfashioned unplugged concert. Perhaps it is only fitting for a band who has been ignoring trends and fashion for twenty years and has always followed their own path. And whereas artists like Iron Maiden and Robbie Williams choose to record their dvd’s in front of two hundred thousand people, Bon Jovi recorded their latest live-dvd in front of an audience of only a thousand. A simple but effective move, which adds immensely to the intimacy that this live-performance represents.

The setlist of this dvd relies mainly on the recent studio-cd ‘This Left Feels Right’. The biggest difference is that the unplugged music comes across a lot better in this live-setting than it did in the studio. On last year's cd the band opted for an immensely creative but consequently quite controversial instrumental set-up. This show, being stripped of all the ‘weird’ sounds like Tico Torres drumming on an empty beercan, comes much closer to that legendary performance on the ’89 MTV-awards, where Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora wrote rock history with just two sixstrings. It was this performance, after all, that prompted MTV to start the sucesfull MTV Unplugged-series, which yielded a number of unforgettable performances throughout the nineties.


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