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"C'Est Bon Jovi?" 13 August 2000
BJ Interview from UK's Channel 4 Teletext Page 453

Source: Channel 4 Teletext Page 453 / DCBJML

Think of the '80's glam and excess and you may well think of Bon Jovi.

1986's Slippery When Wet album set the rockers on the road to Spinal Tap-like superstardom, spawning hit singles like You Give Love A Bad Name. Their hit, Bad Medicine was praised in unlikely quarters. "It's a classic pop song" said Elvis Costello. Next weekend they become the last band to play Wembley Stadium. We asked Jon Bon Jovi if he was tearful .....

You're the last band ever to play Wembley Stadium. How does it feel?

Jon: "I think it's really historic that we've been asked to play at the place which gave us Live Aid and all those soccer matches. It's sad that they'll pull the old stadium down. I'm gonna take home a few momentoes."

You played Party In The Park recently where many acts mimed.

Jon: I think bands lip-synching is nonsense. Maybe they don't have the ability live."

Do you like Britain?

Jon: "When I made my solo album, Destination Anywhere and shot the movie The Leading Man in 1996 I rented a house on Wandsworth Common. That was a life experience I wouldn't trade for anything. We speak the same language and have different cultures. The theatres, restaurants, radio and pubs are similar yet dramatically different. Of course I visited the pubs many times. I like a pint of warm English lager.

You have a pub in your house in New Jersey don't you?

Jon: Yeah, it's called the Shoe Inn. Mostly on Saturdays my gang come over, sometimes a few celebrities. I'm an expert barman. I shake a mean cocktail."

You said recently you'd stand for office in New Jersey. Were you joking?

Jon: "I was being flippant, yeah. But could I do any worse than Bill Clinton? He's got bad taste in woman. Actually I've met him a few times and he's very endearing. A magnetic personality."

Films or rock and roll? Which wins?

Jon: "I couldn't make that choice so I juggle the two careers. I hear you Brits are upset about the film U-571. I know Tony Blair commented on it because you Brits don't get the credit for capturing the Nazi Enigma. Sorry."

Your acting's taken seriously now.

Jon: "I didn't really want to act until I did the Young Guns soundtrack. I got hooked, took acting lessons and got my hands on scripts. I found reading plays inspired my songwriting."

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