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Jon brings the stadium down 18 August 2000
Article from London Standard

Source: London Standard

Take one. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Lil' Jesse James is pulling on his daddy's shorts and shooting Bruce Willis with a cocked hand in a private movie theatre. Billy The Kid, alias Emilio Estevez, jest moseyed into town y'all and walked straight into a custard pie. Friends star Matt 'Joey' Le Blanc discovers supermodel Claudia Schiffer in a bordello, writhing around her boudoir in a state of high sexual excitement. He doesn't throw her out of bed. And, hey, isn't that the Terminator, alias Big Arnie, gunning his Harley into the corral before he dishes out some extreme prejudice?

Take two. Actually, it's a beautiful Saturday morning in upstate New Jersey, chez Jon Bon Jovi. Jesse James is Jon's little boy, apple of his eye. He's getting antsy because the old man has promised him they'll watch Brucie's flick The Kid - 'in a minute darling, daddy's busy' - but some English guy is jerking his chain. The others are Jon's showbiz pals, cavorting Blazing Saddles-style for Bon Jovi's latest video, 'Say It Isn't So', shot on a vacant Western lot at Universal Studios.


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