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"Crush" Review 18 June 2000
Different Style, but the message still gets through

A review by John Thompson /

Bon Jovi is the best band ever. What band can sound different on 8 different albums and still be successful? I believe Bon Jovi is the only one. Why? Because the band knows how to write different songs/music while keeping the winning formula. Crush continues the trend of unique Bon Jovi albums. But yet the song's messages are just as much the same as 15 years ago: Have fun, live life to the fullest and love is everything never changes.

1-It's My Life- Haha, reminiscent of Livin On A Prayer with Tommy and Gina, the voice box with the wo wo's in the background. This song is a great first single. Bring the old fans back and poppy enough to attract new ones. Nice marketing move! The song is pretty darn good, with it's killer fight for your life, don't waste time chorus. However it does get old pretty quick. 9/10

2-Say It Isn't So- Man, I thought this song sucked when I first heard it. But was I ever wrong! After a few listens, I was hooked. This song is like no other Bon Jovi song of the past. It's hard to describe. The chorus is excellent and the lyrics are interesting to say the least. Whoever sings the back up on the chorus does a great of the best tracks of Crush 10/10

3-Thank You For Loving Me- Another song I hated from the get go. It just wasn't as dynamic as other great Jovi ballads as I Want You or In These Arms. However, I got over my dissapointment and gave it a fair shot and it turned out alright. Maybe a little like I'll Be There For You with the "5 words" thing again...not their best ballad. Little underdeveloped in lyrics but good. 8/10

4-Two Story Town- Man, did I ever think this song rocked from the beginning. It's kinda has the same message as Destination Anywhere, like this town sucks...I want out! But after finding the lyrics my emotional attachment dropped with this song. Instead of me thinking the lyrics were "The same old shit..." it was actually "The same old ship..." The song was angrier like These Days(my fav BJ album), but when I got the lyrics wasn't too angry after all. Oh well, still a good song. 8/10

5-Next 100 Years- Am I the only one who thinks this is one of Richie's worst solo's? Oh well, the music in the beginning isn't too great, and Richie's solo really is just one big riff playing over and over. I can barely hear the difference in the chords. Might sound better live. Anyways, the lyrics, espcially the chorus is real good. Another good song. 8/10

6-Just Older- I don't have much to say about this song except it's pretty darn good. Reminiscent of the New Jersey album but with the new millennium edge. 8/10

7-Mystery Train- From other people's comments, I've found out this is a LOVE or HATE track. And by golly, I LOVE IT! This song was made for me...I swear it was. I just met a very sweet girl and everything this song says depicts everything she is. "I know everything about her, but I don't know her at all." Seriously, I've known this girl for like 2 weeks now, and I talk to her on average 3 hours a day...I feel I know her but I don't. We've been through a lot together! I like her a lot and she knows I like her so as the song says "Better hold on tight to that Mystery Train." I'll try...and she's really my first REAL love...although she just wants to be friends for cue the lyrics again "to a place I've never been before." Well, there's more similarities but you get the idea. Not only are the lyrics very good, but the instruments make me sway back and forth everytime I hear this song. The drums and guitars are perfectly done. This song is among Bon Jovi's best EVER! 10/10

8-Save The World- Wow, this song isn't another great ballad. Chorus might be a little too unbelievable...but then again I've never really been in love. So who knows...pretty good song though. 9/10

9-Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars- Wow, long title. This song is a little crazy, nothing like Bon Jovi has done before. I'm sure there is a great story in there somewhere but I've been caught up on other songs to pay attention too much. I did notice the kick ass guitar play though. 8/10

10-She's A Mystery- WOW, 2 Mystery songs? That's just crazy and I wish they would have left this one off. It's not a bad song. It just doesn't go anywhere. We get some lame background music like as if I were in Hawaii and the chorus is not very good and repeats way too much. Oh well...album can't be perfect, right? 4/10

11-I Got The Girl- Ok, looking at the lyrics, this song isn't as bad as I thought it was. But there's one thing I don't get. If he got the girl and she's going to break his heart...why is he with her? Yeah, I see the lyrics, she says someday they'll get married...and live a great the guy wants to stay. But if he KNOWS she's going to break his heart, this dude should just leave. I don't know. To me the song just isn't easy to understand. Maybe someone can clear this up and tell me what's this song is supposed to mean. 5/10 right now. Expect 7/10 or 8/10 once I understand the song.

12-One Wild Night- Man, if this song were to be released in 1985, this song would have been #1 for a month. This song is pure Bon Jovi 80's rock at its best. It's unbelievable. 10/10

Crush as a whole is around a 9. There are some kick ass songs and those that could have been forgotten. I'm upset that the US got scammed 2 songs. I don't know why they couldn't have given us them. But oh well. Crush isn't the same sounding Bon Jovi, as Bon Jovi changes their sound from each album to album. But the messages about life, fun and love are still all there. And that's what Bon Jovi is all about! Great album guys.

Rating: 9/10

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