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"This Left Feels Right" Review 15 May 2004
This Left Feels Right, a new side on Bon Jovi music

Good album I really love it

A review by Jose Antonio /


This Left Feels Right is a great twist!!!
Review done by Jose Antonio from Mexico

This Left Feels Right, that's the name of this master piece of music done
by the greatest musicians: Bon Jovi.
There ain't words to explain how fantastic and good is to hear to This Left
Feels Right, every song on the record takes you to another way completly
unknow until now from Bon Jovi, since its beginning 'till its end you can
breathe just once because the shock that you'll have! It is simply fantastic.
Every song of it was a HIT (In all the meaning of the word) in the Music
History, but, are you ready to live this? I just don't know ,I never thought
this could be possible, I thought that no human in the whole time would do
something like this.Well, I don't want to be so extense on this write, but,
I can't stop doing!!! I got just to say to you that I LOVE IT.
The master piece begins with the classic cowboy song WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE,
yeah, I know what you may thinking now "It's a very classic song always play
by Bon Jovi" but, hey wait to hear it, it's completely different it isn't
what you expect from it in a new version,it starts with the acoustic guitar
but hey it takes a twist with a new backing beat and new Jon's vocals style,
like an electronic version, and the notes are so different, the chorus is so
different "I'm a cowboy" sounds so good, after a little sound of electric
guitar, and of course Richie's doing the backing vocals with a great twist
too, but this one's around your head!!! the backing sounds are like and
orchestra, a great arrenge of strings, very, very cool!.And when it ends,
believe me you won't want it to finish, you'll be sad when it does.
Particulary talking I love the work done by Richie on the song, there he
shows us what amazing musician he is playing acoustic guitar, many people
think that he is just another more guitar player but they are all wrong he
isn't a Guitar player He IS the creator of the new soul and spirit of the
guitar, he is just A M A Z I N G!!! Great arrange done by Patrick Leonard,
no doubt about it.
The second track the great and the first Bon Jovi hit LIVIN' ON A
PRAYER is in new "clothes".In its beggining it sounds very similar to the
classic version but suddenly, somebody is singing with Jon,but,is it Richie?
No, it's a woman!!! her name is Olivia d'Abo (Patrick Leonard's wife) she
and Jon did a great work on the song.Basically its twist is that: A woman
singing.The lyric's meaning has changed too, because of now I feel like Jon's
doing the role of "Tommy" and Olivia d'Abo is doing "Gina" it sounds very
good.Particulary I'm fascinated for the work done by David and Hugh on this
song, the keyboard sounds so dramatic and the bass too, it takes you to the
world of Tommy and Gina their tough reality and their lives, very good arrenge
The idea was to take the song to the other way, because like we all know Jon
and Richie have always played this song acoustic, but this isn't.This is
an electronic version, well done Bon Jovi, very good.
Hey I'm sick!!! but I can't find the medicine, maybe is your kiss, LOL, that's
the message of the third song on this Golden album BAD MEDICINE, yeah we all
always loved this song (Ohh those moments in 80's) but this version is better
than the first one, yeah this is an acoustic version but hey it's better
than the Rock version, why? I don't know maybe it is just a bit of what
Bon Jovi can show us of their talent, very good, the lyrics took another
meaning, it sounds so adulthood, it just sound interesting, to me it is one
of my three favorite songs on the album, once again thanks BJ and Patrick
for doing this come true.I'd love if Bon Jovi make a video of this new version
I'm sure that it'd be a total succes, no doubt, Hey BJ please give us more
of this! We need it!. Well done David, it's amazing what you did here!
The fourth song IT'S MY LIFE is my favorite song of the album it's so
proffesional.It's amazing, Jon and David show us what amazing they are, it
begins with the classic guitar intro, but this is with the acoustic guitar,
well done Richie, I love your work on this song too, it is simply great.No
doubt that Bon Jovi is the best band of all times and eras.Now the old Rock
song is a ballad, and it sounds like the music of New Age a new completely
left turn of Bon Jovi totally unknown, very very good, in spite that it is
not a rock song it still being a perfect song, a classic, to me it is better
than the first one , and believe me, I love the first one and it was because
of it that I became a Bon Jovi fan so this is the proof that it is just a
GREAT song, do you want more proofs to buy the album? Well, just go to and listen to the Wanted Dead Or Alive intro.
Calification 10, no ,no!!! Calification 100 !!!
The next song is the classic LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME I know that you think
you know it but I'm sure that you won't when you hear it, sorry, this is
new twist but sincerly I prefer the first one version, What happened to you
in here Bon Jovi? You could do something better with this great song,
anyway it's a new twist a great left turn and it is so different to the old
one version, it worth to hear it.This is one of the three songs of the album
that I don't like but, anyway it still being a great album.
The song number six is YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME the first single that we
heard from the fantastic Slippery When Wet, I know that it has a special
80's sound but this one sounds jazzy, sexy, they really took it to the
other way!!! It is very simple. it doesn't has many arranges but it's
interesting.It is... good, ok.The only one thing that
I really don't like of this is the Jon's vocals at the beggining, Damned!
Please Jon I know that you did this as a gift to all of us, but you're human
you need to rest after a World Tour, he was ahorse when he recorded this.
Anyway I'd like to thank you because of your strengh when you did this.
BED OF ROSES is the song number 7, it was obvious that it had to be here,
it sounds good, but it has not changed too much it is the version that BJ
always play in concert the only one thing that changed is the piano arrange
I repeat it really didn't change, but hey!!! We have enough with the first
one and we know that it is good, and so does the new version.
The eight song is EVERYDAY the rock song now is like another new song, very
well done BJ! I love this song, both versions are perfect, this songs didn't
have a lot of succes on the radio but as we all know it is a very good song,
the lyrics has changed a lot, now Jon express that his old times are gone and
not "They are getting out" now that times has happened, i don't know if you
understand me, but believe it is very good, I like the work done by Jon,
David and Richie.What I mean is that Jon is not changing his life, like he said
on "Everyday" Bounce version, now he says that he has already changed his life.
Sorry once agian if you couldn't understand me, but I'm mexican my main language
is the spanish not english, I try my best to speak english well, but sometimes
it is very hard.
The song number nine is BORN TO BE MY BABY that old rock song now is a
ballad, with new chorus and new lyrics meaning, now Jon speaks (In the
message of the song of course, 'cause he's really singin') with more security
on his message, the meaning is with adulthood, a very good song, and so
different from the first one, good vocals arrenge.At the end of the song there's
a new chorus and it is great, a completely new twist on Bon Jovi's music style
The song number 10 is Keep The Faith, that old rock song,yeah a very good
song, but Patrick and Bon Jovi took away all its Rock sound, No!!!!!
no, no ,wait! Now it is like a plegary, but is sounds so good, the lyrics
took its new meaning in an amazing way, very good, with strings arranges.
once again like in the before songs the lyrics are shorter and different,and
it has an Elcetric Guitar solo very differnt to the first one and it is very
good, but the only one thing that I don't like from this version is that it
keeps a beat and it doesn't change and its final isn't so good and they
erased completely the old bass arrangement, they could took it to a different
way but not clear it. It is good, but it could be better : (
The song 11 is I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU , it has just a little changes, it
is almost the same version than the first one of "New Jersey", it is good it
is now a ballad ,sweet and realxing it has a new chorus that sounds like the
Beatles' music style, is a good song.
The last song but not least is ALWAYS , the same thing happened here, it
almost didn't change it is just relaxing it has too many new sounds on the
keyboard but it didn't really change, so it still being a good song.

The Bonus Track The Distance LIVE[January 19, 2003/Yokohama Arena,Yokohama,Japan]
and its Limited Edition a Bonus DVD which includes six videos (Love For Sale, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night,
Joey, Misunderstood, Diamond Ring and Blood On Blood) recorded the past
December 3, 2002 at NRG Studios, Burbank, CA. They all are good bonus tracks.

*I'd like to add something about 2 doubts that a lot of people have in their
minds and it isn't about TFLR but the band.Is Bon Jovi a solo singer? No.
Bon Jovi IS A BAND and THEY ARE Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan,
and Tico Torres.The right question is: Is Bon Jovi a band? YES!!! The
band is BON JOVI and the singer of the band is JON Bon Jovi, it isn't the
same.JON Bon Jovi has solo albums too, but on those albums the artist is
JON Bon Jovi NOT Bon Jovi, I mean that when we say Bon Jovi we're saying
the BAND Bon Jovi (That, as I have just said, we're speakin' 'bout FOUR men)
and when we say Jon Bon Jovi we're saying the Bon Jovi band's singer or the
solo singer Jon Bon Jovi (ONE man, his really name is John Francis Bongiovi)
Though the band is called BON JOVI because of its singer, it isn't the
same. I hope that you could understand me and that I really could help you
on your doubt.

The other common question is about the musician Hugh McDonald.Is Hugh McDonald
a BON JOVI member?No.Hugh is like a "Guest" on Bon Jovi, he plays the bass
on the band but he isn't an official member, but to a lot of the fans he is
like a Bon Jovi member, and I think the same. Why isn't he a Bon Jovi member and
why doesn't he appear on the albums' photos? Because in the beginning of
Bon Jovi he wasn't with them, since 1984 until 1994 Bon Jovi were five men
(Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres and ALEC JOHN SUCH)
Alec John Such was the bass guitar player on the band until 1994, then
in 1995 the band's old friend Huey joined them, that's why he isn't an
official member and doesn't appear on the album's photos, Alec John Such
(As the Bon Jovi official member he was) appeared on the Album's photos
and was with the band ten years working with them in five studio albums and
a Greatest hits album. By the other hand Hugh has just worked with BJ in three
studio albums and two greatest hits albums (A Live Album and a New Versions Songs
album)so by the moment it'd be unfair if Hugh would be an official member because
Alec worked more time with Bon Jovi, maybe when he will have recorded six
studio albums with Bon Jovi he'll be recognized as an official member.I hope
that you could understand me and that I really could help you on your doubt.

Aren't you agree with me? E-mail me />

Rating: 9/10

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